Halloween tasting

Tasting on a Monday can almost guarantee you a less crowded experience. Tasting on Halloween absolutely did!

Truett Hurst was our choice for a morning tasting and picnic. Their winery is on Dry Creek Road outside of Healdsburg. The property borders on the creek and has beautiful, expansive vegetable and flower gardens as well as a crew of goats and a variety of chickens, all well behaved I might add.

photo credit: Truett Hurst

We had the pleasure of having Bob serve us outside on the patio. If you are fortunate enough to get Bob as your host you will have someone with a fantastic historical knowledge of the winery. He now holds the title of General Manager.

Truett Hurst wines range from a sparkling to a Cabernet. We did our best to try almost all of them!

There were four of us tasting and we all found the 2021 Swallowtail Chardonnay to be quite nice. Besides the wines on the tasting menu (left page in the photo above) Bob poured us the 2019 Luci and the 2019 Rockpile. Both were excellent.

We took a bottle of the 2019 Luci Zinfandel to have with our lunch down by the creek. It is such a beautiful place to lay out a picnic and relax.

Beside a meander over to view the farm life, a walk through Truett’s gardens to see the unique plantings and possibly get to meet their longtime gardener is worth it. I found him pulling out the gorgeous Cockscomb to plant a crop of Fava beans in its place . I was lucky enough to get one of the flowers to bring home with me. And amazingly, it’s still alive and happy as I publish this post!

Truett Hurst is a wonderful destination when visiting the Dry Creek area. Check their website before planning your trip as they often have fun events which add even more enjoyment to a visit there.

Many thanks to Bob for a wonderful tasting!


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