For a number of years I overheard friends asking John what wines he has been buying.   He freely shared that information, but it often came during an evening of varied conversation, the consumption of a bottle or two of wine and dinner. Remembering the suggested wines in following days can be a feat.

On a trip to Boise, ID, Paso Robles, CA and the Central California Coast I began paying more attention to John’s choices and the particular wines he was purchasing.   I realized how much research and understanding of wine it takes to zero in on special vintners and their magical elixirs!  I finally took notice of his commitment and dedication and began taking notes and writing posts!

Four years ago we moved from one west coast paradise to another – from the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida to California’s Sonoma wine country.   I hope our posts will be even more helpful as we dig our feet into Sonoma County and continue our travels of the wine regions of California, Oregon and Washington State.


One thought on “Background

  1. What wines you have tried lately? Foodie thoughts? Great accommodations and restaurants? Please post for all of us to enjoy!
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