Passport to Dry Creek Valley

‘Passport to Dry Creek Valley is April 27th & 28th.

Passport is an annual event with 40+ wineries participating for the weekend. Wineries choose themes, decorate their tasting rooms, and costume staff. Some outfits go wayyyy out. It lends terrific fun to the tastings and foods served.

There is a full line up of additional events. as well. For information and tickets go to Dry Creek Valley website.

We really enjoyed Passport last year. Yes, there were crowds but never too overwhelming and traffic on the roads was not at all an issue. We hired a driver which made the days even more enjoyable.

To begin each day you must choose a winery for your start in advance. We started Saturday at Ridge and Sunday at Zichichi.

Over the two days we were able to leisurely visit Ridge, Dutcher Crossing, Mauritson, Zichichi, Cast, Sbragia, Collier Falls, Papapietro Perry, Nalle, and Quivira.

Some wineries truly go all out. Here is a link to the participating wineries and their chosen themes.

Just one more well done event in Sonoma County!


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