Bedrock’s Surprise Release….

This past Saturday was pick up day at Bedrock Wines. It’s a window of a few hours you have to swing by Bedrock’s wine making facility/ warehouse that’s just outside the town of Sonoma. Along with picking up the wine they always offer the opportunity to hang out and taste the new releases with either Morgan Twain-Peterson or Chris Cottrell pouring.

This tasting Morgan was manning the pouring and one of the wines looked distinctly different from the others.

Bedrock’s team has always had a mindset to lean green. From preserving old, neglected and abandoned vineyards to choosing to rehabilitate and use an historic building for their tasting room, to the ways in which the make and bottle their wines. It’s what they do. They seem to be constantly searching for the most effective ways to preserve and protect what they touch on this earth to make great wine.

Well they’re really leaning this year with their first “Bag-in-Box” Ode to Lulu Rosé. The equivalent of 4 bottles ( 3L) of wine go into each bag inside a recycled cardboard box. They made 300 boxes as basically a “beta” trial – all filled by hand and packaged by hand. There is actually a bottling rig for packaging boxed wine but it’s intended for wineries producing huge amounts. This might explain why there is little variety in the boxed wine isle.

I’d never thought much about the process of “boxing wine” before. I was curious so I had to ask Morgan. Does the wine go into the plastic bag while its in the box or is the plastic bag filled first then packaged in the box? The answer……

What they have done to use this packaging over bottles was in no way cost saving as it took the team hundreds of hours. It is testimony to how important the environment is to this winery and the team. I urge you to follow the link to Morgan’s Instagram account to read more about this trial-

Thank you Morgan and Chris and the entire team a Bedrock! Incredible wines, incredible comitment to our environment!


One thought on “Bedrock’s Surprise Release….

  1. Innovative and very intelligent concept for premium wine. Must try a box some day. Thank you for sharing.

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