2019 Release Tasting

Mauritson Winery makes a number of wines under the labels – Mauritson, Rockpile, Charlie Clay and Loam. They are all award-winning, estate grown, exceptional wines Clay Mauritson, owner, and winemaker, Emma Hall are responsible for.

This week we participated in tasting the release of Mauritson’s 2019 Loam wines. It was truly a wonderful opportunity to relax in the winery’s library and try these three wines as well as the blend of all three.

The wines, Clough, Positas, and Suther, are all 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and 100% identical clone and rootstock. Loam is a blend of all three. What differentiates them from one another is the type of soil they are grown in.

To make the tasting even more interesting, we were offered a taste of each of the 2009 vintages of these wines. It was a fantastic side-by-side comparison. Not only being able to try wines that have been laid down for 10 years, but trying some of the first wines Emma Hall made when she joined Mauritson as assistant winemaker.

It was fascinating to me to listen to Clay Mauritson explain, I mean really explain, what goes into the making of such incredible wine. The science that is applied daily to bring the fruit to its best, knowing the poundage per vine, managing the number of grape bunches ripening through veraison, and so, so much more that goes into producing their wines, that he reminded us, have only one ingredient – grapes.

So, yes the 2019 wines were each characteristically different and the longer they were in the glass they also developed differently, at least to my nose and palate. I couldn’t choose a favorite. Having tasted how they developed so beautifully over 10 years, I’d want to hold on to a few of each.

Thank you Evan for making sure we had plenty to taste and to Clay for making this tasting truly special!


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