“a winery built around the spirit of wine itself”*

We were on a mission to try Mending Wall’s Petite Sirah. It was our only appointment of the day while we were doing some trip planning in Napa. Our host was Amy and we will forever remember her for one of, and I truly mean this, best tastings we have ever experienced.

Mending Wall wines are one of Thomas Rivers Brown’s many accomplishments. He makes wine for dozens of wineries and he is beyond good at his craft. At Mending Wall he and his partners have built a state of the art wine making facility as well as a tasting room that is an architectural gem.

The tastings at Mending Wall are one on one – just you and your host and the entire place to enjoy. The wines are a variety of Cabernets, a Petite Sirah, and 2 white wines. They make around 1200 cases. The Petite Sirah from Palisades Vineyard grapes was of special interest as we particularly enjoy Sirah wines produced by other wineries from that well known vineyard.

The wines were delicious and terrific to be trying in the company of our gracious host. Amy shared a slew of information and wonderful winery stories. We could have spent all day enjoying the conversation over the amazing wines.

While we really enjoyed the Stone on Stone Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend, the Tournahu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon along with the 2019 Petite Sirah were our favorites. And yes, we left with a few bottles and the feeling we had made a new best friend.

Thank you Amy!

*Quote is from Mending Wall

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