Back on Howell Mountain

We headed to Napa’s Howell Mountain AVA which produces some of the very best grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon. Our appointment was at Neal Family Vineyards, high on the mountain in Angwin and a bit tricky to find. Alex Kefalos met us with glasses of the 2021 Rutherford Dust Vermentino (which we found to be excellent and a varietal you don’t often see in Napa Valley) … Continue reading Back on Howell Mountain

“a winery built around the spirit of wine itself”*

We were on a mission to try Mending Wall’s Petite Sirah. It was our only appointment of the day while we were doing some trip planning in Napa. Our host was Amy and we will forever remember her for one of, and I truly mean this, best tastings we have ever experienced. Mending Wall wines are one of Thomas Rivers Brown’s many accomplishments. He makes … Continue reading “a winery built around the spirit of wine itself”*

Paravel Pick Up

It’s difficult not to be moved by the view when you drive to Howell Mountain. We’ve driven there twice since the 2020 fires and both times I was struck with a feeling of despair seeing the devastation of homes, wineries, and charred hills. Thankfully It’s all coming back. Sonoma and Napa residents, and winery owners in particular, are nothing if not resilient. For Jon and … Continue reading Paravel Pick Up

A Time to Help………..

Photo credit -SFGATE   The residents of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties want you to know they are open for business.  The fires were devastating. The lives of 42, over 6,000 homes and nearly 50 commercial buildings were lost. All businesses have taken a huge financial hit.  So, how can you help?………Their message for you is simple. “Come,” … “Sonoma needs you.”  says winemaker Sara … Continue reading A Time to Help………..

A Day in Napa……………

Nothing like starting your morning off with a 10 am tasting. We drove up Spring Mountain and began our day in Napa at Keenan Winery. Keenan farms sustainably and in 2007 switched to 100% solar power for its facilities and homes on the property. The day we were there the winery was busy bottling using a mobile bottling contractor. We were met by Amy, an engaging associate who … Continue reading A Day in Napa……………