Covid 19 Wine Trip! Day 2

Wine is important and so is starting the day off with an amazing breakfast. Sonoma has some of the best bacon and you should not miss it. I mean sensational bacon. Black Pig Meat Company, started by Chef Duskie Estes and husband John Stewart (Zazu Kitchen + Farm fame), offers up this winning fare. You can order a package of their bacon and while you’re at it you might want some of their bacon carmel corn. It is soooo addictive! Now, you’re ready to start the day off right……..

In Sonoma we have been fortunate to get to know the couple behind Acorn Winery / Alegriá Vineyard. It’s our first stop today just outside Healdsburg. This is a sustainably farmed vineyard producing around 3000 cases of estate-blended wines from a very old, diverse vineyard.

The two champions of Acorn wine are Bill and Betsy Nachbaur. A delightful pair you will surely want to meet as well as get to know their wines!

Heading off into the Russian River Valley from Acorn a stop at Martinelli is next. Their big old roadside red barn is an area landmark. The winery has been here for generations and the wine is as good as it gets.

You can visit their wine shop and browse some great choices. Jackass Hill Zin is a favorite and you can never go wrong selecting a bottle of Giuseppe & Luisa Zinfandel.

To finish out the day take a trip through the town of Forestville to reach Iron Horse Vineyards. While the view may be tough for you to get online, take my word for it – it is spectacular! Ship some bottles of their bubbly, pull out a bag of chips and voila! – you have the perfect shelter-in snack!

And while I’m mentioning snacks……..Sonoma has a cheese maker that is shipping – Vella Cheese Company. They’ve been around since 1931 and offer an array of Italian cheeses, Jack and Cheddar. To help make it through isolation, they are offering their products at a discount.

Figones Olive Oil Company is another business offering specialty Olive Oils and Balsamic made in Sonoma. They also post recipes on their site to help with your cooking, which all of us seem to be doing more of with all this time on our hands!

Day 3 – next post.