A favorite Friday night dinner……….

One of our favorite relaxing dinners at home is fondue.  I admit to using a packaged (prepared) cheese fondue which I magically doctor with an addition of white wine and spices.  With a good, crusty baguette, an apple, pear and some smoked sausage, this is a heavenly simple dinner.


Ahhh……a good bottle of wine to accompany the meal is a must.  Friday night’s was Linne Calodo’s 2009 Booker Red (previously known as Screwball).  It’s a lovely blend of Syrah, Mouvèdre and Grenache and it turned out to be a terrific pairing to the meal.

Our ‘mid-century’ electric fondue pot is probably an antique but it is an amazing appliance.  Over the years, for the sake of appearances, we tried new fondue pots; both non-electric and electric.  Every one of them has failed to work as well and as efficiently as the old Presto.  P.S.- Every once in awhile the Presto fondue pots show up for sale on Ebay.

Enjoy a night of fondue!

Sauld!  Debbe


2 thoughts on “A favorite Friday night dinner……….

  1. OMG one of my favorite wines I have been a buyer from Matt for years I especially love the nemesis

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