What the Big Box Store has……

A Total Wine store opened this weekend in Sarasota.  Curious to see just how many wines from the Willamette Valley region of Oregon and from Washington State’s Walla Walla wine region might be sold there, John and I went shopping.

I don’t ordinarily shop Total Wines.  For those who do not know me well, I am not a fan of big box stores or malls.  I don’t enjoy the overwhelming size and the “nowhere” destination of going to a building buried in a massive parking lot.

There were actually more wines than I expected to find from the two regions.  I only included the wines available from the wineries we visited this summer.  There were maybe three others offered from the Willamette region.   I did not find any other Walla Walla wines.

Whether its one of our terrific independent wine shops or a big box chain store, it really is wonderful to have these amazing reds becoming available in Florida.

Salud!   Debbe


One thought on “What the Big Box Store has……

  1. John, thanks for the visit. We’re glad you were able to find some of the wines from your trip. We love Washington and Oregon wines and have a large stock; hopefully you’ll find some new favorites on a future visit. Cheers!

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