A better “group” wine………

I’ve attended way too many events where no thought beyond price was given to the wine being served aside from having the word “wine” on the bottle.  More often than not, I would find myself declining to take a glass or regretting that I took one.

Occasionally I have been charged with purchasing wine for a group, a meeting or an event and I’ve struggled to find a reasonable choice that fits the budget, is what I consider “comfortably sippable” and relatively easy to transport.  Toting a case of 750 ml bottles is cumbersome and  liter bottles are awkward to handle.

I’ve tried a few boxed wines, not many, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed a familiar packaging on the shelf at our local ABC Liquor store.   Having been a fan of Randall Grahm’s Bonny Doon wines and especially their unique labels and tales, I was attracted to this one – Cardinal Zin, Beastly Old Vines.   The cardboard container holds 3 liters (4 – 750 ml bottles) in a plastic bag within the box.  It’s easy to carry and has a plastic spout for dispensing.

Grahm sold the Big House and Cardinal Zin brand wines to Underdog Wine Merchants in 2006.   Seems Underdog has maintained the quality of the Cardinal Zin, kept the price point affordable ( we paid $19.00 for the box) , and designed a convenient package.

Have you tried a boxed wine?  What did you think of it?  Any whites in boxes you can recommend?
Salud!  Debbe

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