Indigenous’s 100 mile dinner………

This rates as one of the most creative dinners I’ve had the pleasure to experience.  The chef owner of Indigenous created all of the courses from ingredients found within a 100 miles of Sarasota.

Thank you to Chef Phelps for introducing us to some delicious local ingredients and to your experienced staff for making the evening so amazing!

Who would have believed the berries on the Brazilian Pepper plant could be dried and consumed as pink peppercorns!



4 thoughts on “Indigenous’s 100 mile dinner………

  1. As yet, no………
    I must say I and the 49 other diners appreciated Chef Phelps reaching a bit on the wines for the dinner. He felt the courses deserved better matches than that which the Florida grape can provide.
    The Mango Mamma “Champagne” was interesting but a bit sweeter than I like. I did hear great comments about the Ale though.

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