Cooking for friends…….

Friends invited us to join them for a cooking demonstration at Apron’s recently.  This particular one was presented by the Apron’s staff chef’s and was titled “Sonoma vs. Napa.”  The demonstration was entertaining, maybe a little too entertaining as I did not take notes which I realized later,  can be incredibly handy when you try to make any of the recipes.  The chefs are generous with tips and tricks that are useful in the preparation if you remember them!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I decided to attempt to create the dishes Apron’s prepared.  With a number of good-hearted friends and an amassing of some wines we tried the Wild Mushroom & Gorgonzola Tart and Cabernet Laced Lamb Burgers.

I’m happy to save all was devoured and I am now thinking of trying another Apron’s cooking adventure!


p.s. – If anyone would like the recipes, I’ll be happy to share them.

One thought on “Cooking for friends…….

  1. The Apron’s classes are a great little secret – I’ve had so much fun and learned so much attending them, and the food rivals many fine dining restaurants.

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