Leaving home……….

Saying goodbye to Sarasota and to our newly built / renovated cottage was huge!  The process was daunting having just unpacked our belongings and filled the wine room less than 8 months ago.

Aside from the normal packing…….It was necessary to sell off a major amount of the wine inventory, pack and ship some ahead, and arrange for a small amount to travel with us.  A big help with the process was arranging to have a wine storage facility, All Ways Cool in Santa Rosa to store and accept our deliveries.


Our friends were so gracious to entertain us before we departed.  We had a truly amazing time sharing special bottles together.

The time also presented an excuse to finally try some of those wines that had been laid down for years.  Sadly, some were down just a tad too long, others were great!

I wish I had remembered to snap photos of all of them! I’m definitely missing some incredible wines, especially sparkling ones!


Thank you to all for the wonderful send off!

And…… thanks so much over the final days for the food delivery, the care packages, help distributing our goods to charities and for packing our car safely! Nothing moved or rattled!

Looking forward to your visiting us in California!

On the road………





Saturday morning wine purchase…….

Saturday morning we stopped in to see theWinetoBuy.com’s new store located on Gulf Gate Drive.  Wow!  The storefront sign gives the shop a great presence on the shopping strip.    The space is definitely larger than the former store on Stickney Point Road.  It includes a temperature controlled wine room and a spacious granite counter area for future wine tastings.  They are still busy unpacking and filling out the extensive bins and racks but to my Sarasota friends, stop in and see the new digs!

Now when you shop for your wine you can get a chocolate fix next door at Chocolates, Nuts, and More,  and at the end of the strip,  purchase some of the best breads and desserts at Jim’s Small Batches!

We couldn’t resist picking up some favorites!

And these four were chosen to taste test!

Many congrats to Mitch for selecting a terrific location and expanding the store!

Salud! Debbe

Smooth and remarkable………..

Jump on this wine if you can find it!

We shared a bottle of  LeMacchiole  last night with dinner.  The wine was paired with an entree of chicken and orzo prepared with with leeks, tomatoes and calamata olives which was delicious but it could have been paired with anything it was that lovely.  It is a perfectly luscious wine!

I was sad to learn from John that we only have a few bottles and that this wine may be rather difficult to get your hands on.  Let us know if you find a bottle!!!!

Salud! Debbe

Summer travels…….

Good friends of ours had a wonderful adventure this summer leasing a small motor home to travel through Washington and Oregon with their young son.  John shared some winery recommendations for their trip and Robert was kind enough to report back on their adventures in the northwest wine country.

Parker inspecting the grapes at Sokol Blosser

“Your recommendations for visiting wineries were spot-on. From your list, we were able to visit Argyle, Archery Summit, Brick House, Domain Drouhin, and Sokol Blosser. We absolutely lucked into our tasting at Brick House.  We called them from the end of their driveway on a “by reservation only” day and found out that someone had just cancelled. With our son sleeping comfortably in the van, we had what was probably the best tasting of the trip.”

Brick House

“We also visited Trisaetum, which is nearby and relatively new – I think you might be interested to try their wine if you haven’t already. We didn’t make it to Patricia Green or Penner Ash, but tried some at a shop in Portland and brought back a bottle of Patricia Green’s Notorious to round out the mixed case of goodies that we carried home on the plane.  Another interesting one that we visited, up in Port Townsend, WA rather than in the Williamette, was Sorenson Winery. His grapes are sourced from inland vineyards, but he does a nice job with them and is reasonably priced. We drank the bottles that we bought during the trip, so I can’t make any claims beyond that!”

Archery Summit

Domaine Drouhin

Wines Northwest offers in-depth information and maps on the region if you are curious.

Thanks Robert for giving us great feedback!  I would definitely like to follow in your footsteps!  dgd