Trip to Paso Robles – Day 2 – Tin City

Just outside of downtown Paso Robles is an industrial area turned into the home for over forty wineries, distilleries and breweries. Park your vehicle and spend the day here. Some tasting rooms in Tin City accommodate walk-ins. We made reservations for all our tastings.

Jacob Toft’s tasting room was our first of the day. They’re a small Central Coast producer sourcing from some of the best vineyards around. An interesting fact – they foot-stomp their grapes!

They bottle under 1700 cases and have a goal of staying around 2000. I think that will be tough as the demand for their wine is out there. Jacob Toft’s wine club is wait-listed.

We sat out on the tasting room patio and tried three of their Cuvèes – 2018, 2019, & 2020 as well a single vineyard 100% Syrah – the 2019 Stolpman Vineyard. Beautiful wines! And the labels….they seemed a bit out of place until we learned this area of California was once under the waters of the Pacific!

Bailey, Thank you for a wonderful tasting!

Before breaking for lunch we sat down to try Aaron Wines. Aaron Jackson is the man behind the wine. His focus is on Petite Sirah. He also has a second winery label – Aequorea that produces Pinot Noir, Viognier and Pinot Gris from coastal vineyards.

Katie Lewis hosted us pouring the Aequorea 2021 Pinot Gris Spanish Springs Vineyard followed by two other coastal sourced Pinot Noir wines. Moving inland, we were poured several of the Aaron wines that, as I mentioned before, focus on the Petite Sirah grape from the vineyards on the westside of Paso. Sand and Stone was most definitely a favorite all round but the Trespasser and Petite Sirah were amazing as well.

This was my first time noticing a grape called Graciano. It’s primarily used as a blending grape but we did come across a winery that makes a 100% Graciano.

Thank you Katie for a terrific tasting and conversation.

Our next tasting was in the very modern tasting room of Levo. Focused on Rhone varietals, winemaker, Bret Urness makes only small lots.

Along with the three wines on the tasting menu, Lexi also poured for us the 2017 SOUL 3D OUT Grenache and the 2017 SOUL 3D OUT Syrah. Both were fantastic.

While we were there the tasting room filled to capacity. As the only host, Lexi had her hands full but she remained remarkably calm and collected and we appreciated her attention hosting us.

Tin City has an annex property. We headed there for our final tasting of the day at Emercy Wines. This winery is the collaboration of two men – Orion Stang and Richard Crockett.

Emercy’s tasting room was one of our favorites. Nicely laid out, inviting and filled with interesting artwork!

Tasting room manager Ben Morris, a fun and entertaining guy, was our host pouring us the four wines on the tasting menu and a few other unique ones……….

A 100% Roussanne from Glen Rose Vineyard- 2021 Epsilon was a surprise to taste as well as the 2020 Beyond the Veil, Emercy’s 60% Graciano 40% Syrah. Beyond the Veil grapes came from Fulldraw Vineyard. We had hoped to try their 100% Graciano but it was a no-go so this was close as we could get to a 100% Graciano. It was amazing – they were amazing!

Thank you Ben! It could not have been a better tasting!

Lunch our 2nd day was at Etto Pasta Bar in Tin City. Don’t let the “pasta bar” part of the name deceive you. They have delicious sandwiches and salads as well. Plus, they have a shop filled with provisions for picnicking next door.

Dinner was at Les Petites Canailles.

Till tomorrow!

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