Wells and Kate

Wells and Kate Guthrie are Dupuis Wines. Nestled high in the mountains of Anderson Valley, above Booneville, there is a 40 acre estate that is a dream come true for this couple.

It’s a trek of sorts to get there. It’s pretty much a one lane twisting road that you hope you won’t meet another vehicle on coming the other way. When you get there though it’s like a prize. It’s just downright beautiful – the vineyards, redwoods, gardens and an expansive view of the valley below.

Wells Guthrie has an impressive background in winemaking. Before starting Copain Winery, he worked in France’s Northern Rhone Valley and Burgundy. His first vintage here, in Anderson Valley, was 2018.

It can’t be an easy job for these two. You would absolutely have to love what you do to live here. Kate is a teacher in Healdsburg, an hour commute away. They have high school age children as well as one starting kindergarten. With only one employee, and the help of his wife and children though, Wells is finally making wine the way he wants, working to showcase the fruit of the Anderson Valley.

Our first attempt to visit was canceled due to PG&E blocking the road. When Wells was able to re-book us, it was a Sunday, which cut into his family time and our party had grown to 11 tasting. Wells and Kate could not have been nicer though. They had a picnic table set for us with local cheeses & fruits to pair with the wines.

We started the tasting off with the 2021 “Etoile” Rosé and the 2020 Dupratt Chardonnay was our second. It’s fruit is from old vines growing at a 1600 ft elevation in the valley.

On to the Pinot Noir……The 2019 Wendling Pinot Noir, made from the fruit of 9 year old vines was delicious as was the 2020 Estate Pinot Noir. We finished with Wells’s 2019 Baker Ranch Syrah that was wonderful. Honestly, all the Dupuis wines were so exceptional, and Wells and Kate were the quintessential hosts.

It was difficult to pull ourselves away but we managed somehow to leave and give the Guthrie’s some Sunday to themselves although not before visiting the barn and loading up on bottles to take home.

Thank you so very, very much Kate and Wells! We look forward to opening your wines.


2 thoughts on “Wells and Kate

  1. I look forward to tasting these wines. When we finally make it to Sonoma, I am sure that I will need to ‘dry out’ after the visits.

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