Planning a Sonoma Wine Trip – Updated

Mauritson Winery

Sonoma is the perfect place to enjoy a wine country adventure after the year long pandemic lock down. The wineries are incredibly eager to have visitors back and there is no better place to relax.

We’ve been busy updating our local recommendations to make it easy for you to plan your visit. Check out the Local Favorites page and get started! There are some amazing new restaurants and accommodations to experience. Check previous posts for selecting wineries. The Covid 19 Wine Trips posts will be especially good to review.

And……if you haven’t found enough information on our website, here are additional resources we think might be helpful.

And if you happen to stray out of Sonoma’s exceptional wine country….here are some more resources……

seawolf-tasting bar

Those of you that know the Sonoma wine country well, we encourage you to send us your comments and favorite places.


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