2 Steps Back……..

We don’t really need an excuse to go tasting but in this instance it was kind of celebratory. Our daughter was visiting and finally done with a self imposed quarantine so a day out seemed like a perfect reward.

Bedrock Wine Company was our first appointment. I’ve written about Bedrock previously (link to post) but not about tasting at their facility in the town of Sonoma in the Joseph Hooker House (circa 1850).

This is September 2020 so tastings are outside only. Fortunately Bedrock has a gorgeous patio area to relax and taste. We were hosted by Jackie Sotelo whose enthusiasm for wine and the production of it was engaging. Many thanks to her for some great conversation!

bedrock wine list

Bedrock’s wines are made from the grapes of old, most often very old vineyards, that Morgan Twain-Peterson and Chris Cottrell have committed to preserving and rehabilitating. The maps below show the extent of the vineyards throughout California they have discovered and are maintaining and harvesting from.

bedrock map inset

Sara stocked up on some of the delicious Syrahs to ship home, we took with us the 2017 Lorenzo’s Heritage, then headed off to Schermeister………

Schermeister’s tasting room is in the Jack London Village in Glen Ellen. Co-owner and marketing director Laura Schermeister hosted us along with Eli, the winery dog. We were returning for another visit (see previous post). Everyone in the wine business is dedicated and hard working but these two are standouts; making fantastic wine and seemingly loving every minute through some challenging years. We’re keeping tabs on them!

Laura had prepared food pairings for each of the wines, some of which you would have not expected such as the candied pineapple with their Viognier (not shown on the menu). Each pairing married so perfectly with the wine. The cherry and marzipan chocolates paired with the 2016 Pinot Noir and the 2017 Scavenger Syrah were of course my favorites. They’re made locally by an outstanding chocolatier – Wine Country Chocolates.

Once again, thank you so very much Laura!