Great wine tastings…….

Presentation is possibly more important than the quality of the wine you’re tasting these days. There are nearly 500 wineries in Sonoma County alone, and the wines being produced are outstanding. The competition to maintain existing customers and engage new ones is huge.

Not every wine tasting experience is memorable, but when you have an exceptional experience you’ll savor it and, most likely, never forget it.

We had two tasting set up for one day this week. Both wineries produce exceptional wines but the experiences could not have been more opposite. We all left the first tasting feeling as though we had just entertained ourselves and the little information we got from our host we had to pry out.

Our 2nd tasting was in such contrast to the first. Wow! Rob and Laura Schermeister are on their way to perfecting a great experience for their customers. The winery is small. Rob produces around 600 cases. All are created through native fermentation. Pinot Noir is their star!

Schermeister Winery’s tasting room is in the Jack London Village, in Glen Ellen. It’s on the creekside of the complex with an attractive, small outdoor space. The interior is creatively appointed with original works of art, from the furniture to the art on the walls.


The couple is young, talented, and focused on attending to every detail. From their website –, to their printed materials, to the surroundings and finally to their wine – it’s is all done extremely well.

I personally left the tasting feeling like I’d made 2 new friends. They engaged us with stories of their lives, their wine making and their travels, all over fantastic wines.

Thank you Laura and Rob and Eli, my tablemate!

Salud! Deborah

p.s. – Schermeister Winery is on my not-to-miss list. Their tasting room is a terrific addition to the perfectly charming town of Glen Ellen that is home to Village Market, Wine Country Chocolates, Glen Ellen Star Restaurant, Jack London State Park and the Sonoma Valley Regional Park.



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