Making a better day………..

This morning our day was clouded by bad news.   Sooo…. we set out to pick up some wine and everything just got better.

We headed to Carlisle Winery to pick up their current releases.

Winemaker, Jay Maddox (right) and Paul Wendy were pouring some terrific wines and Franchettis’ was serving wood fired pizzas to compliment the wine.  It was truly a simple and relaxed event.

Jay explained co-fermenting to me when I incorrectly described The Integral they were pouring as a blend. John knows this stuff but I’m still in kindergarten when it comes to wine production.  I really appreciated being corrected and having a conversation with the winemaker!


From Carlisle we headed off to Westside road.

We’d been to Bacigalupia for a special event a few years back and decided to swing by and try their wines today.  This is the grape growing family that provided their grapes to Château Montelena to make the 1973 Chardonnay that won the 1976 Paris tasting!


Janice poured for us and kindly let us bring our dog in, leashed of course.  Its a great friendly tasting room.  We didn’t leave empty handed.  The 2017 Rosé Pinot Noir ( very easy to drink!) and a bottle of the 2015 Fondare followed us home!