Our start in Healdsburg……..

There is no shortage of wine here!  For those of us who totally enjoy the hunt for, and discovery of, wonderful wines, Sonoma County is one of the greatest places to land!

Sometimes it seems like candy land ………………

The experience visiting a winery is special, relaxing and almost always unique.    Visiting the Bottle Barn is more like a run to Total Wine only on steroids!  You’ll be tempted to stay for hours looking over the massive inventory.

We were here maybe a week and we headed off to Preston for their famous jug wine only to remember when we arrived that Sunday is “jug day”.  But, for our first outing, its a great winery to revisit.  I purchased a bottle more for the creative labeling than anything (something John typically frowns upon).  It’s kind of a habit of mine! I expect it will be pleasing when opened at home.

The winery and its organic farm are linked. You can buy eggs, produce, and some excellent polenta milled at the farm. The winery and farm offer a more than great picnic space.

The day we were here field workers were beginning the laborious task of hand trimming the vineyards.  And….their infamous cats were easy to find over the sprawling grounds.

For our second outing we chose a dog friendly vineyard – Dutcher Crossing in Dry Creek Valley.  Remember, this is winter, the very best time to visit.   You receive the most attention and often the opportunity to interact more with staff, winemakers and owners.

Collyn Scott poured for us and provided a wealth of information about the wines, the winery and the area.  Their wines, and they make many, are wonderful. We picnicked there with a bottle of Dutcher Crossing’s 2015 Bacigalupi Vineyard Zinfandel.

We also had the chance to taste, with staff, Collyn and Lily, a Sauvignon Blanc the winemaker was putting the final touches on. I picked up notes of grapefruit – others not so.  We’ll see when its released!

Before leaving the winery we had the pleasure of meeting owner, Debra Mathy, Dutchess her canine sidekick, and winemaker, Nick Briggs.It was a great afternoon!  We’re looking forward to returning and to attending some of their upcoming member events.