101 Best Wineries in America for 2015

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The Daily Meal – Alll Things Food and Drink website has an article not to be missed on 101 Best Wineries in America for 2015.  Some of our favorites are front and center on the list – Peay, The Scholium Project, Grammercy, Evening Land, Saxum, and Ridge.   The list and the article are definitely worth a read.

Pey Vineyard


Peay Vineyard

What is interesting is the increasing amount of wine, good wine, being made in unexpected places across the country. Wineries in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and even Brooklyn, NY made the list.


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And who chose these?  The wineries on The Daily Meal’s list were nominated by experts in the field — sommeliers, wine writers, chefs, and restaurateurs, along with wine editors at The Daily Meal.