Bring out a lovely bottle……..

Dinner last weekend with friends offered a perfect opportunity to serve a fine bottle…….

Quilceda Creek’s  2005 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon came to the table to serve with a pork tenderloin with a Gorgonzola Sauce.   It is definitely a wine you want to take care to plan the right entree with to get the most enjoyment.  The wine scored high marks in all professional ratings.   Robert Parker gave it 100.  This cab was, without question,  truly exceptional.

A few other bottles were opened and enjoyed as well……..


A Tuscan wine –  the 2008 Arcanum, a blend strong on Cabernet franc was no lightweight either.  It was smooth!  I believe this wine pulled a 96 point rating with Robert Parker.


With some assorted chocolates laced with maple, bacon, peppers and citrus we opened a bottle of  San Liege’s The Offering.   I am always attracted to their labels.  This one was so strange I decided to Google it to learn how they chose the label art.  The tasting notes said it all.  They are so cool I’m posting them:

The 2011 Offering is a window into another world. Expansive on the palate, with precise, dark aromatics it is one of the most provocative wines from Sans Liege. Like watching a tribe adorn red warpaint in a primeval forest. Earthen scents of black soil, crushed oyster shell, Lapsang Souchong tea and birch beer fall away as your attention hones in on the ceremony. The fragrance of kirsch, quince paste, red delicious apple skin and rooibos tea emerge as the tribesmen paint their faces with the meat of dangerous red fruits. On a spit an animal is roasting, you can almost taste the sweet char, bay leaf, porcini mushroom, peppercorn and fresh herbs. An arrow flies. You take off, running forever into the darkening jungle.

Unusual chocolates – unusual wine!  Great pairing!




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