Saxon Brown Syrah and Santa Lucia Highlands visit

***   WARNING  ***

Guest post (and first blog post ever) by someone who has no inkling of what they are doing!

For the past 9 months or so, I have been perusing the wine recommendations circulated by K&L wines (  This is a local wine shop that has what the Wall Street Journal called the best wine web site in the US – yet another reason we are so happy to be living in California!

My strategy has been to pick out various interesting wines that came with strong recommendations and give them a try – if I like them, I buy a few bottles for the cellar.  This has  led to some very nice and drinkable under $20/bottle wines, but so far only a few knock-outs.

Last night I opened a bottle of the 2007 Saxon Brown “Flora Ranch” Chalk Hill Syrah that I picked up based on some pretty strong reviews (  Maybe it just went perfectly with the Asian Beef leftovers, but I thought this was a fantastic wine.  It has a spicy nose with layers of fruit that were complemented by a broader palate of flavors that added to the complexity.

Before ending this inaugural blog post (who know when I will do this again??), a quick mention of Wrath.  Kathryn and I took our first trip down to the Santa Lucia Highlands area between Salinas and Soledad last weekend, and the clear standout of the wineries we visited in our semi-random wanderings was Wrath.  They make some excellent Pinots that are definitely worth trying if you can find them.  SLH has a long ways to go before it can compete with Paso Robles or Sonoma/Napa, but Wrath is definitely worth the detour if you are driving between the bay area and Paso Robles.

Richard P.

4 thoughts on “Saxon Brown Syrah and Santa Lucia Highlands visit

  1. Richard,
    Thanks for contributing.
    It is definitely interesting to hear what you are choosing to hold on to and what wineries you are discovering. Now that you’ve “broken in” to posting, I hope you’ll keep it up.
    I’m a bit behind in posts. I have some very nice, moderate priced French wines to post next.
    Best to you guys!

  2. I have called Steve at Sarasota Fine Wine to see if he can get his hands on some of this…Jon

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