Recent libations……

I thought it would be  interesting to occasionally make some random posts about a variety of wines that make it to our table.

En Gedi – Grenache

It’s a 2009  from Santa Barbara County with an absolutely unforgettable label.

Keenan Winery

We visited the Keenan Winery a few years ago and had a great tasting there.  This weekend we opened one of their Cabs and enjoyed it with fillets topped with a rich mushroom, brandy and blue cheese sauce.  Rather tasty pairing!

Herman Story

Russell From’s Herman Story wines……. Here is a guy that is making some delicious liquids and using  some engaging labels!  If you are in Paso Robles, check out his tasting room downtown -it’s worth a visit.  If not, visit his website and peruse his Facebook page.

Salud!  Debbe

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