Out of the recycle bin……

I rescued a few bottles from this week’s recycle bin.
I emailed John this photo of them hoping he would offer up some notes on one or two of these.  His response is below.  Debbe

The Urban Eco is a Malbec-Tempranillo blend from Argentina that delivers a great PQR. Lots of up front fruit and flavor fo a modest price.

Bedrock Vineyards is a relatively new winery from Morgan Twain-Peterson whose father is the legendary founder and winemaker for Ravenswood Winery.  This is a delicious, rich Syrah that has a long finish that just stays with you. He is producing really great Zinfandels also. The mailing list is about the only way to get his stuff, but its still open, and the prices are very reasonable for what you get.

Foxglove produces a Cabernet a Zinfandel, and a Chardonnay, and they are all very good ($13.99 at The Wine to Buy).  John Dart

Just a note:  I recently obtained a bottle cutter.  These bottles and many many others are rapidly taking over our garage awaiting experimental torture as I attempt to pursue a hobby!  Debbe

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