How to follow a blog and or comment…….

I apologize to everyone who received an email from me giving directions on how to sign up to follow this blog.  John and I both tried the directions provided by and they were AWFUL!  Sooooo  I spent some time and I REALLY have it figured out!

To receive an email when a new posting is published on the blog and / or to comment, leave suggestions for wines, restaurants, places to relax –  here is the EASIEST, QUICKEST way to do it:

Click on the post title on the left column of this page “How to follow a blog or comment….. ”

That will open a new window with just this post in it.

Scroll to the bottom of the post and you will see “Leave a reply”  where you can write away!

Be sure to hit the “Post Comment” button when you are finished writing though.

And below it is the option to “Subscribe” which, if you type in your email address and press “Sign me up,” you will be notified of future posts.

Thanks for your patience and please contribute to the blog!

Salud!  Debbe

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